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Where Are They Now?

The 2018 season marked the 50th Anniversary of Huntington Valley Little League! For five decades, families have come together to play baseball and have a whole lot of fun. We celebrated this exciting milestone and caught up with some HVLL alumni. Here's what they had to say about their days on the field.

Michael McDuffy (1980-1986)

Michael says that some of his best memories and friends were made while playing Little League baseball at HVLL. He still lives in the area and is coaching the Tee-Ball Northwestern Wildcats this year. In addition to the portable restrooms back when he played, he also shared another (perhaps better memory) from the 1980s.

"My final HVLL All Star game was against the team from Westminster, whose starting pitcher was Ryan Klesko. Anybody who was there that day knew he would eventually see him playing in the MLB." And they were right. Klesko played 13 seasons in the big leagues for the Atlanta Braves, San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants.  





Jill Butts Brown (1982)

Jill was 5 when she played at HVLL and her mom, Mary, coached the team.  On the Tee-Ball "Tigers" she experienced her first team sport. She still lives in the area and continues to be involved with the league as both her sons currently play at HVLL. Sam is on the Minor C Alabama Crimson Tide and Jack is on the Minor A Baylor Bears.  And, her husband Jeremy helps coach. What doe she remembers most about HVLL? "I love the sense of community and friendships HVLL has been able to provide for so many years."


Jensen Abellaneda (1986-1990)

Jensen has been a staple around HVLL for many years. Not only did he play, but both of his sons currently play at HVLL. He has volunteered his time to the league by coaching for several years and also serving on the HVLL Board of Directors. He claims his best game ever was when he was on the Minor A Braves team. "We were playing the Astros and I hit a grand-slam, as well as a bases-loaded triple -- IN THE SAME INNING!  My mom still displays the the game ball in a case at her house." 


Sam August (1979-1980)

Sam played at HVLL for at least two years, but most likely for several more. He still lives in the area and currently coaches his son in the Majors division. He shared these great throwback photos. For those of you who have been around a while, note Paul Evans in the Orioles photo. His son also plays at HVLL in Majors divsion. 



Huntington Valley Baseball 1968 - 2018

A very special thanks to Ryan Bellerose for lending his time and talent to create this wonderful logo for our league!

Jesus Espinoza (1985)

Jesus has been around HVLL for a long time. He has wonderful memories of his Little League playing days and making the All Star team. He hopes to leave HVLL better than when he arrived.  With all of the time has has volunteered over the years between coaching his sons and serving on the Board of Directors, he is certain to achieve that goal.  After his career at HVLL, he went on to play baseball at Huntington Beach High School as well as Golden West College.

Scott Rothert (1981-1985)

Scott is still hanging around Huntington Beach after his HVLL playing days back in the 1980s. He is currently active in the league and coaching his son on the Minor B Michigan Wolverines. Among his favorite memories of his playing days at HVLL include when Tommy Lasorda and Mike Scioscia of Los Angeles Dodgers fame spoke during the Opening Day festivities. Also topping the list was the day Coach Lenny Mazzotti took him and his teammates to Chuck E. Cheese in a limousine.  

Rick Johnson (1998-2012)

Rick was active in HVLL as a manager, coach and Board member from 1998 to 2012. He still lives in the area and fondly remembers his days in the league with sons Kyle and Andrew. They also participated in many TOC and All Star games, and earned a flag for the latter in 2012 with Andrew's Juniors team. Congratulations and thanks for you dedication and volunteerism to HVLL over the years!

Gabe Stubin (1978-1984)

Gabe continues to live in Huntington Beach and hang out at the HVLL fields. His two sons play at Huntington Valley. His oldest is just wrapping up his last year on the Majors' Pepperdine Waves, whereas his younger son can thankfully still play for a few more. Gabe remains active in the league though coaching and also as a D62-certified umpire. Although he ended his own baseball career after Little League, he is still making great baseball memories at HVLL!

Brett Swartz (1985-1989)

Brett still lives in Huntington Beach and is back at HVLL with his son in Tee-Ball. He remembers having fun playing baseball with all of his friends and hanging out at the fields among his best memories. However, eating chili dogs and Now-and-Laters run a close second.  

Keith Poletick (1969-1972)

Keith Poletiek played at HVLL back in the late 1960s and early 1970s. He remembers many good times while playing on the Minor Giants, Majors Athletics and most of all during the 1972 All Star tournament!


Michael Caldarella (1985-1988)

Michael still lives in the area and is back involved at HVLL. His son, also named Michael, currently plays on the Minor A LBS Dirtbags. After his HVLL days, Michael Sr. went on to play baseball at Huntington Beach High School and Orange Coast College. So happy to have both Senior and Junior still involved and making memories at Huntington Valley.

Ken Murray, Sr. (1970s-1980s)

Ken Murray, Sr., is a former HVLL coach and Board Member from the late 1970s/early 1980s. His son, Ken Murray, Jr., played at HVLL as well as his grandson, Tyler Murray. Tyler went on to play for Huntington Beach High School and was the starting catcher for the Oilers when they won the CIF Championship in 2015. He is now the starting catcher at the University of Hawaii. And if that isn't enough, he was also responsible for getting Michael McDuffy into HVLL who is now coaching his own son in the league! (Ken is pictured below on Opening Day 2018 with Renee Aumiller. Renee also spent many years involved with of HVLL and is now the Player Agent/Scorekeeper for D62.)  


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