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  • How old does my child need to be to play?
    During our Spring Season, boys and girls between “League Age” 4 and 14 are eligible to play.  For Fall Ball, participants need to be between “League Age” 5 and 12 years old.  Please see the 2024 Little League Age Chart for information on how to determine your players “League Age.”
  • When does registration take place?
    Registration for our Spring Season typically opens in mid-October, whereas Fall Ball occurs in mid-July. Opening dates will be announced and posted on web site.  Please visit the REGISTER NOW tab for more information. 
  • How much are the registration fees?
    Registration fees vary per season and by division.  For more information about current rates, please visit the REGISTER NOW tab. 
  • What does my registration fee include?
    Your Spring Season registration fee includes a team jersey, cap, socks (pants are included for the lower divisions), supplemental accident insurance, as well as team and individual pictures.  Awards are given to all lower division players and to players on the first/second place teams in the upper divisions.  The registration fee for Fall Ball includes a team shirt, cap and supplemental accident insurance. You will also need to supply a glove, cleats and protective cup; but helmets and bats are optional.
  • Is there a multiple-sibling discount?
    HVLL aims to keep our registration fees as low as possible.  As such, registration rates are the same for each player whether or not there multiple players from the same family. 
  • How do I register more than one player?
    If you need to add another player to your registration order, click "My Account" and repeat the process for the additional player(s) before checking out.
  • How do I provide my player’s proof of age and residency verification?
    A series of verification days (in November and December) are held prior to our Spring Season for parents to bring in player verification documents.  All players MUST provide proof of residency (or that they attend school) within HVLL boundaries in order to be eligible to be placed or drafted to a team.  There are no exceptions!  Only original/certified copies of documents are permitted (NO PHOTOCOPIES or passports will be accepted.)  Click here for a list of acceptable documents to verify Residency and Age requirements.  Please also note, these documents are NOT required to register for Fall Ball, only for our Spring Season.
  • Does my player need to tryout?
    Required player evaluations are held annually for our Spring Season (usually at the beginning to January) for players that are League Age 8 and older. League-Age 7 players who want to be eligible for the Minor C division draft must also participate in a league-sanctioned tryout. For the 2021 Spring Season, these ages have been adjusted to require tryouts for players who are League Age 9 and older.  Players are typically notified of their assigned, individual evaluation times during the first week of January.  Players are not evaluated for Fall Ball.
  • When will I be contacted by my new team manager?
    For our Spring Season, teams are typically drafted in late-January and announced in early February.  For Fall Ball, teams are developed and announced in mid-to-late August.  
  • When will games and practices be held? 
    In the Spring Season, games and practices will be determined by team and division after the draft takes place.  Tee-Ball plays one game per week (on Saturdays), whereas Farm and above play one Saturday game until Day Light Savings Time begins – and then add another weekday game. During Fall Ball, all games will be played on Sundays (typically at either 12:00 p.m. or 2:30 p.m.).  Practice days and times for both seasons are determined by individual managers, but usually include 1-2 times per week. League rules allow teams to meet a maximum of 4 times per week (total of practices and games).
  • How do I volunteer to become a team manager or assistant coach?
    If you are interested in being considered for a role as a manager or assistant coach, please make this volunteer selection during registration and/or log into your account to see which roles are available.  Don’t delay as these positions can fill up quickly.
  • How will it be determined in which division my player will be assigned?
    Although our system presents options based on your child’s "League Age," some of our divisions overlap.  Placement in Tee-Ball and Farm divisions are based on League Age and level of experience. For the Minor divisions (A, B and C) and above, players will be evaluated and drafted (Spring Season only) to the division appropriate to their skill level.  Since players are not evaluated for Fall Ball, they typically play one division level above where they played during the Spring Season.  However, placement in Fall Ball will not impact which division they play in the following Spring Season as placement is determined by the draft. 
  • My player was really good last season.  Can he/she skip a division?
    Each division provides a necessary foundation for player development and understanding.  It is highly recommended that players participate in each division for at least one season.  However, requests to move ahead will be considered by the Board of Directors on a case-by-case basis.    
  • I signed up but  my child decided not to play.  How can I request a refund?
    Please contact the HVLL Player Agent to request a refund PRIOR to or at league tryouts. Requests for partial refunds will not be granted. Once players have been evaluated, drafted or assigned to a team, registration fees are non-refundable.
  • When does the season begin and end?
    Opening Day for our Spring Season is typically held in late-February and games run until late May/early June.  Post-season and All-Star play begins afterward and can continue into July.  Fall Ball typically begins in early-September and wraps up before Thanksgiving. 
  • Does HVLL conduct background checks on its volunteers?
    Absolutely! As part of California District 62, HVLL conducts annual background checks as required by Little League Baseball Inc. Background checks are performed annually on volunteer managers, coaches, assistant coaches, umpires and other volunteers who have repetitive contact with the players. The background checks are done through JDP under contract with Little League Baseball Inc. The background results include state and federal criminal arrest records, and registered sex offender information.  JDP does not provide notification of subsequent arrest after the background check is completed, therefore background checks are completed annually.Pursuant to California State Law, Article 3 (commencing with Section 11100) of Chapter 1 of Title 1 of Part 4 of the Penal Code, criminal history information is used internally and the District does not disclose confidential criminal history information to the public. Additional information on Little League Background checks can be found at
  • Does HVLL provide discounts?
    HVLL provides a Scholarship Program for those in need and applications are considered on a case-by-case basis.  To apply for financial assistance under this program, please contact the League president
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