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2019 Majors - 11/12 and 10/11 Team Nominees

Little League Age
JackBrownBaylor Bears11
BlakeHayesBaylor Bears11
HobsonBaylor Bears12
EarnestMarchbankBaylor Bears11
GradyReamBaylor Bears11
Baylor Bears11
AlfredoSantanaBaylor Bears12
ShaneTimmonsBaylor Bears12
JaytonGreerCSUF Titans12
JosiahMillerCSUF Titans11
JoshMossCSUF Titans12
JaxonOlmsteadCSUF Titans11
JonStoneCSUF Titans11
SheaSummersCSUF Titans12
JackWrightCSUF Titans11
TylerBelleroseLBS Dirtbags12
MatthewBiasLBS Dirtbags12
ColbyDeBenonLBS Dirtbags11
BraydnDuarteLBS Dirtbags11
OttoEspinozaLBS Dirtbags12
ConnorMcNallyLBS Dirtbags12
DrakeMenchacaLBS Dirtbags11
TravisWalkerLBS Dirtbags12
OwenBoneOregon State Beavers11
JasonDunhamOregon State Beavers11
CharlieHendersonOregon State Beavers11
DylanMatejkaOregon State Beavers12
VincentMezaOregon State Beavers11
MasonTapiaOregon State Beavers11
ThomasAugustSan Diego State Aztecs12
SaxonChurchwellSan Diego State Aztecs12
JohnnyCoopmanSan Diego State Aztecs12
CodyKruisSan Diego State Aztecs11
BrettLermaSan Diego State Aztecs12
SolMoriyamaSan Diego State Aztecs11
BrodyRutherfordSan Diego State Aztecs12
CanonSchillingSan Diego State Aztecs11
DrewGonzalezWichita State Shockers12
JustinHernandezWichita State Shockers12
JacksonKnightWichita State Shockers12
WilsonRochfordWichita State Shockers11
GarrettSchlindweinWichita State Shockers12
JakeSchuetteWichita State Shockers12

2019 Minor A - 9/10 Team Nominees

Last Team Little League Age
AxelAltmanFresno State Bulldogs10
Fresno State Bulldogs10
BlakeNewtonFresno State Bulldogs10
TylerWengertFresno State Bulldogs10
HutchensHawaii Warriors9
ConnorPollockHawaii Warriors10
EastonEbmeyerKansas Jayhawks10
BradyGuthKansas Jayhawks10
CharlesStubinKansas Jayhawks10
GraysonAgriestiLBS Dirtbags10
JonasHartLBS Dirtbags10
GibsonTarkanianLBS Dirtbags10
JonathanVandagriffLBS Dirtbags10
SimonAndersenNebraska Cornhuskers10
LennonCatesNebraska Cornhuskers10
RexFoxNebraska Cornhuskers10
CadenMcNivenNebraska Cornhuskers10
JosephGonzalesUCSB Gauchos10
BrendonKransUCSB Gauchos10
MiloLa RuffaUCSB Gauchos10
NoahMullen-BradburyUCSB Gauchos10
LandonFlennikenUF Oilers10
NathanHigajoUF Oilers10
KobeKeeUF Oilers10
EvanVan OeffelenUF Oilers10
JaydenArmendarizVanderbilt Commodores10
CarterEdsonVanderbilt Commodores10
JaxonGreerVanderbilt Commodores10
LukeMillerVanderbilt Commodores10

2019 Minor A - 8/9 Super Stars Team Nominees

Last Team Little League Age
NateFerrierFresno State Bulldogs9
NileVon PertzFresno State Bulldogs9
NathanielHutchensHawaii Warriors9
CalebKeranenHawaii Warriors9
JoshuaCorderoKansas Jayhawks9
ZacharySummersKansas Jayhawks9
RyanVicenteKansas Jayhawks9
DispalatroLBS Dirtbags9
JacksonFinsethLBS Dirtbags9
AdrianNewmanLBS Dirtbags9
NoahPetersonLBS Dirtbags9
BrodieHarrellUCSB Gauchos9
LoganStudebakerUCSB Gauchos9
EddieLuceroUF Oilers9
UF Oilers9
ColeCalisherVanderbilt Commodores9

2019 Minor B - 8/9 Super Stars Team Nominees

Last Team Little League Age
JudeAltmanCSUF Titans8
JoeySteinerCSUF Titans8
GavinCooperHawaii Warriors8
ColbyCoppaHawaii Warriors8
BraylonArcherLBS Dirtbags8
BeuclerLBS Dirtbags9
KellanRiddleOCC Pirates8
ParkerYeringtonOCC Pirates8
RoderickAaronUSC Trojans9
TimmyStoneUSC Trojans8
RocLieferVanderbilt Commodores8
Vanderbilt Commodores8

2019 Juniors - Nominees

CSUF Titans
AndrewBerdelisCSUF Titans
Bradley Elliott CSUF Titans
Ayden Finley CSUF Titans
Kaleb Fiscus CSUF Titans
Chase Paz CSUF Titans
Shawn Sundberg CSUF Titans
Aiden Tobin CSUF Titans
Dyan Tulloch CSUF Titans
JJ Abellaneda Purdue Boilermakers
Manny Aja-Cordero Purdue Boilermakers
Mikey Gigliello Purdue Boilermakers
Gavin Grise Purdue Boilermakers
EJ Lesniewski Purdue Boilermakers
Colin McNiven Purdue Boilermakers
Tyler Rea Purdue Boilermakers
Jason Sim Purdue Boilermakers
SpeirsPurdue Boilermakers
Dylan Summers Purdue Boilermakers
Gavin Wang Purdue Boilermakers

All Star Nomination Process

As you may know, a number of teams are compiled at the end of each season to showcase HVLL’s top talent and compete with other local league’s All Star teams.  What you may not know is how the nomination and selection process are completed. 

How many teams are there?
A total of four teams are formed. There is a League Age 11/12 All Star team, a 10/11 All Star team and a 9/10 All Star team, as well as a League Age 8/9 Super Star team. 

How are players nominated?

  • Majors division managers may nominate up to four (4) League-Age 12 and up to four (4) League-Age 10/11 players from their roster for inclusion on the All Star ballot.*
  • Minor A division managers may nominate up to four (4) League-Age 9 /10 players from their roster for inclusion on the All Star ballot.*
  • All League-Age 8/9 players from the Minor A division are eligible to be nominated by their team manager.  In addition, Minor B division managers may nominate up to two (2) League-Age 8/9 players from their team for inclusion on the Super Star ballot.*

*Managers may request to nominate an additional player to the All Star ballot by petitioning the HVLL Board of Directors.

In the end, who makes the team?
The final determination as to who makes the 11/12, 10/11 and 9/10 teams is based on a combination of Majors/Minor A player voting (which will take place this year on Saturday, May 11) and manager voting/input, which will happen at the end of the month. Final determination for the 8/9 Super Star team does not include player voting and is based on manager voting/input only.

Final teams will be announced on June 1, 2019.

For more detailed information about the All Star and Super Star team selection, please view the HVLL By-Laws

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