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Jun, 2020

COVID-19 League Update #6

Hello HVLL Families,

This update is mainly geared toward our minor C and higher divisions. We are continuing to work through the nuances of the new season resumption requirements and what they mean for our youngest divisions (T-ball and Farm).  We hope to send out an update to those divisions by the end of the week.

  1. We finally have some good news to share. Today the County of Orange re-opened youth sports for practices (no games are approved at this time).Please see the attached link for the press release.

  2. With this announcement, HVLL will immediately be opening our fields for team practices. Our board members will be reaching out to the managers who will be contacting you.

  3. As with everything we do now, Covid has changed our lives. As such, we are required to follow additional safety guidelines before being allowed to practice. Please read the below guidelines, which are also included as an attachment.

  4. At this time, we do not know when games will be allowed. We will be continuing to work with the City, who is continuing to work with the county and state in an effort to determine the timing of games.

  5. As I have had a few parents reach out, I thought I would share some information regarding HVLL finances. Due to the Covid shut-down, we are running a deficit this year. We normally generate additional revenues during the season that didn’t happen. Due to the fact that we are a non-profit corporation, with a 100% volunteer board and staff, we do not have variable expenses that we can easily cut. Our largest expenses, uniforms, baseballs and equipment, and field improvements occur as we get ready for the season. And, it just cost a lot of money to maintain over 6 acres of baseball fields. So, with the good news we got today, with being allowed to at least practice on our fields, we actually got a double dose of good news as we just heard that we were approved to operate a fireworks stand over the 4th of July. We are hoping that with a lot of additional work from your board of directors…and hopefully some additional HVLL volunteers…, additional revenues from the fireworks stand may be help us mitigate our operating loss for the fiscal year. More info to follow.

  6. We all have gone through so much over the last few months and are dealing with a lot of uncertainty. We apologize for the frustrations you have had to deal with, but truly appreciate your patience. We wish you well and hope that if you choose to come back and play baseball with us, that in spite of some of the new guidelines, it hopefully brings us back a little closer to the normality of life that we were used to…and very much enjoyed.

Thank you,

Tim Stone


HVLL Resumption and COVID Guidelines    

In an effort to resume Little League Baseball activities while protecting and supporting our player’s health, the following safety measures, including mandatory social distancing, are required.  By coming to HVLL fields, you agree to abide by these requirements and understand that you may be asked to leave HVLL if you refuse.  We cannot with 100% certainty guarantee your family’s or your player’s safety.  Returning to practices and games, when approved by the state, are completely voluntary.  If you are concerned or an at risk individual, please do not come to HVLL facilities.  By entering onto HVLL property, you knowingly and freely assume all such risks, known and unknown, and assume full responsibility for your player(s) and family's participation in Little League Baseball at HVLL.

General Guidelines

  • Everyone should monitor their temperature prior to attending any Little League events. No one with a fever, cough, active COVID-19 infection or known direct contact with an individual testing positive for COVID-19 should attend a game or practice until evaluated by a medical provider and given clearance to do so.

  • Everyone should maintain social distancing of 6 feet from individuals not residing in their household.

  • Everyone on HVLL property must wear a face covering.

  • Attendance at practices should be limited to managers, coaches, and players. For Minor C thru Majors divisions, parents should drop off and pick up only. Once HVLL is approved for games, attendance should be limited to immediate family members in the same household. 

  • Players and families should vacate the field/facility as soon as is reasonably possible after the conclusion of their game and/or practice. Parents should sanitize their and their family’s hands immediately after each game.

  • Player’s equipment should be cleaned and disinfected by a parent or guardian after each day’s use.

Field Practice and Game Guidelines

  • Practices only, with only one team on the field at a time, until games are approved by the city, county, state.

  • All managers, coaches, and umpires must wear face coverings when social distancing requirements cannot be met, i.e. in dugouts. During the game, the 1st and 3rd base coach may, at their own discretion and only while in those spots, choose not wear a face covering, as long as social distance protocols are maintained.

  • All managers, coaches, players and umpires should sanitize their hands immediately upon entering the field.

  • Dugouts should not be used by the players during practices or games.

  • Players are not required to wear a face covering unless social distancing requirements cannot be met off the field of play. No physical contact outside the course of the game is allowed (hi-fives etc.).

  • During games, managers and coaches should be assigned space in the dugout with the players in the bull pen or on the bleachers so that they are at least six feet apart. Players are to stay at their assigned spots when on the bench or while waiting for their turn to bat.

  • Equipment sharing should be avoided. Players should have their own batter’s helmet, glove, bat and catcher’s equipment in their own bag which must be stored outside of the dugout.

  • Baseballs – Each team will use their own baseballs when on defense.
    • Foul balls landing outside the field of play should not be retrieved by spectators.

  • It is recommended that umpires call balls and strikes behind the pitcher’s mound. Umpires are encouraged to use their own personal equipment.

  • Only one person, the scorekeeper, is allowed in the score booth during the game. No exceptions. Scorekeeper must sanitize score booth after each use and are encouraged to bring their own writing utensils.

  • Player/families/spectators are instructed not to show up to fields more than 40 minutes before game time.

  • On field warm-up should be limited and no more than 30 minutes.

League Facilities

  • Bleachers are closed to everyone but players. When we are approved for games, parents should bring their own seating or portable chairs.

  • The snack bar will remain closed. Families are encouraged to bring their own food/beverages. No seeds or gum are allowed on the premises.

  • Restrooms - Only one person is permitted in the restroom at a time. Restroom should be sanitized daily during the week, and at a minimum 2 times each day on weekends.

HVLL reserves the right to change or adjust requirements to conform to future city and state guidelines as conditions change.

Approved June 15, 2020
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